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Cats @ RatcliffeLuxury Cat Hotel

The Cattery

The 6 suites plus an isolation suite are the ultimate in hygienic accommodation and are meticulously sanitised between guests.

They are all named after my cats that have now sadly passed over rainbow bridge. Jasper, Dylan, Sophie, Harvey, Oscar, Archie and Toby.

The suites were made and constructed by Peticular Pens, a specialist company based in Suffolk. They are made of the highest quality lead free UPVC frames, quadruple glazed, each suite is heated by individual temperature controlled units, this means each suite is kept at a comfortable temperature at all times.

Full height sneeze barriers separate each suite. Opaque privacy screening is also available for more stressed guests, but our experience suggests that most cats are happy to watch what everyone around them is doing, including other cats.

The suites all exceed CIEH Model Licence Conditions and Guidance for Cat Boarding guidelines. The suites meet current Defra Regulations. They are also self-extinguishing in the highly unlikely event of fire and very secure.

 Sophie, Harvey, Oscar and Archie suites cater for one or two cats and include lift out panels to increase them to super size if required. Dylan suite, caters for up to 4 cats from the same household. Jasper suite, accommodates up to 6 cats from the same household.

The suites benefit from 2 cat-flaps offering a choice of levels to gain entry to the bedroom area (Jasper suite has 4 cat-flaps).

Bedrooms also have 2 shelves offering a choice of sleeping spots and private window. A range of differing beds are available with hidey holes/sacks for our more shy or timid guests.

Ramps in each suite provide easy access to upper levels in the exercise area. Cat trees and a selection of interactive toys are available for the guests to enjoy and keep them entertained.

  To give a relaxed ambience, Pet Remedy or Feliway pheromone spray is used to calm more anxious guests if required and gentle music or conversation can be heard throughout the day.

There is a further isolation suite (Toby suite) with standard full height double glazed sneeze barrier and further glazed sneeze protection to the corridor and door lower. Upper door panel is meshed to provide air flow. A secure door leads to the safety corridor.

Each suite looks out on beautifully landscaped garden, wildlife are attracted into the garden by plants and bird feeders.

Ample parking is provided on the driveway.

We are open from 10.30-12 and 3.30-5pm daily except Sundays and Bank holidays. 

VIEWINGS WELCOME, please phone,text or message first to arrange a mutually convenient time. 


One cat  £16.00 per day

Two cats sharing £30.00

Three cats sharing £36.00

Four cats sharing £42.00

Five cats sharing £48.00

Six cats sharing £54.00

28 days and over charged at special weekly rate.

The charges are inclusive of meals, ( if the cat is on food not normally stocked, an equivilent will be offered or you are welcome to provide your own. (no discount or reduction will be given though) (excluding prescription diets), heating and grooming. Cuddles, treats and fussing are free.

Please note, I no longer stock any Purina products due to ongoing health issues, please ask me for further details.

Brands Stocked are:

DRY (Kitten, Adult and Senior)

Royal Canin

James Wellbeloved






WET (Kitten, Adult and Senior)

Sheba including soups


James Wellbeloved



Cosma including soups 

Royal Canin 

Hills Science



Payment by cash or electronic bank transfer. (please note, I no longer accept cheques)


full days board is charged for the day of arrival and departure to allow for the sanitising and preparation of the suite.

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