Cats @ Ratcliffe Luxury Cat Hotel
Cats @ RatcliffeLuxury Cat Hotel


Cats @ Ratcliffe Luxury Cat Hotel is a brand new small and exclusive boutique cattery situated in Eastwood, Nottingham. You can be assured that while you are on your holiday or just away for a short break, your cat is enjoying the 5 star luxury treatment as much as you are.

Registered with and licensed by Broxtowe Bourough Council since 2015

Licence Holder: Andrea Jack

Licence Number: 17/01009/EHAB


Cats @ Ratcliffe complies with the CIEH Model Licensing Conditions and Guidance for Cat Boarding Establishments 2013, is fully licensed and insured, and regularly inspected by Broxtowe Borough Council’s Animal Welfare team. Peticular Pens, who built and constructed the fabulous cattery exceed CIEH standards and are built with fire retardant, self-extinguishing UVPC.

The very best for your cat - Cats@Ratcliffe

Cats are more than just animals at Cats@Ratcliffe  – they are our furbabies. 


We know what a wrench it is parting from your cat but we have found that the cats in our care are perfectly content so long as they are warm, comfortable, feel safe and are given their preferred foods. Your cat is safer and more stimulated in the cattery than if they are  left at home to be fed by a neighbour or pet-sitter.

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